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Spiderphone SalesReach©!

Spiderphone SalesReach offers sales and customer care organizations a powerful tool to enhance productivity and efficiency. SalesReach extends the value of by allowing your team to reach leads and contacts directly out of their CRM tool, just click and their phone rings. Calls are tracked automatically, so following best practices is effortless. Get them on the web in seconds and show them your presentation or demo your product. Spiderphone SalesReach can be used for all of your meeting needs, from one-on-one sales calls to your weekly management calls to your teleconferences and training seminars.

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Using SalesReach is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1.
Simply click on the Call Lead or Call Contact link that appears on the Contacts and Leads forms. Your phone will ring seconds later. Pick up your phone, and you will be connected to your lead or contact.

Salesforce and Spiderphone are tightly integrated, meaning you only need to sign-on to your salesforce account once. We use your profile data in salesforce to determine which phone to call. Working from home for the day? Simply update your phone number in your salesforce profile and go.


Step 2.
Hold your sales or support call. Show a PowerPoint presentation, record the call, add additional people to the call, or even show applications on your desktop. SalesReach gives you the full power of Spiderphone's conferencing and collaboration tools.

Hold a traditional voice-only call, or enhance it with Spiderphone's many collaboration tools. Spiderphone's easy-to-use interface and tight integration with salesforce makes it the perfect tool for sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Step 3.
When the call ends, it is automatically logged in salesforce. Your salesperson is immediately directed to the call record and can enter all the details for the call.

Your sales and marketing teams will follow best practices since they won't have to search for the call records associated with your leads and contacts. All calls are logged, meaning you can easily monitor the activity and success of your teams.

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