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Desktop Sharing

Our fully integrated Desktop Sharing is the inexpensive and simple way to demo your software or train your staff. No more costly seats that you don’t need, and no more hassles with separate reservations and billing systems. Spiderphone Desktop Sharing – now available for every conference!
Spiderphone SalesReach©
Now available for salesforce.com customers...

SalesReach extends the value of salesforce.com by allowing your team to reach leads and contacts directly - just one click and their phone rings. And calls are tracked automatically in salesforce.com. Get the most out of your leads with SalesReach.
Spiderphone offers the thing every conferencing user needs more than anything else: flexibility at competitive pricing. Whether it’s dial-in or dial-out, domestic or international, reservation-less audio meetings or large scale web events, Spiderphone’s unique patented technology will cater to your every meeting need as no other service can.
Feature Highlights

Industry Highlights

Small businesses and organizations take advantage of flexible pricing plans and know that Spiderphone will meet their every need as they grow. It takes just seconds to open a credit card account – get one now!

Enterprises use Spiderphone’s online provisioning system to manage accounts, ensuring accurate departmental chargeback. And with Spiderphone’s unique branding and integration capabilities, they can even use their own toll-free numbers and use conferencing minutes towards their long distance commitments.

Sales teams find Spiderphone’s dial-out features indispensable. Whether they’re calling a prospect and demonstrating software, or simply getting in touch with a guy who’s on the road during their weekly sales meeting, or training a team with a recording of a perfect sales pitch, Spiderphone meets their every need.

Training teams find Spiderphone’s integrated PowerPoint and desktop sharing features to be the easiest in the industry. And with recording and playback, trainees can review the material again and again as needed.

Legal teams love Spiderphone’s flexible account structure. With charge codes, billing codes and sub accounts, proper chargeback has never been easier. Spiderphone’s unique Talker ID feature enhances deposition recordings and makes them much easier to transcribe.

Government and military agencies make heavy use of Spiderphone’s unmatched security features. With Spiderphone, you’ll always know who’s on the call and who is speaking.

Non-profits and associations take advantage of Spiderphone's free web conferencing features to dramatically improve the quality of their meeting experience. And they get extra credits if they refer their members to Spiderphone!

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