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    Dial in toll/toll-free, or dial out. Join a call by dialing into a toll or toll free number OR have our system call you directly. On demand Calls. Start a conference call from any phone at any time. No Advance notice or reservation is needed. Want the convenience of having the same conference code for each call? Want the security of having a different conference code for each call? Want both? With Spiderphone, you can use the same code for some calls, a unique code for others. Call running late? Need to add extra people? No Problem! Your call will automatically be extended for as long as you need. Record any call. record automatically when the call starts or turn it ON or OFF during the call. Powerpoint slides get recorded too! Recorded calls can be listened to via the phone, or through the web using RealPlayer. Users on the web see presentation slides synchronized to the audio recording. Large call support. Host calls of up to 160 participants. Larger calls supported by special arrangement. See a list of all call participants. See who is currently talking real-time. Control phone lines and all on-call features. Share information with other web users. Show PowerPoint presentations to others on the call. Nobody, including the presenter, needs PowerPoint installed on their computer. Each user can independently control the resolution of the slides shown on their computer. Sharing is easy! Share any file or web page with others on the call. Need to send a private message? Easily send instant text messages to any web participant on the call. Hold collaborative or controlled calls. Hold calls where everyone has accessto all web features like showing presentations and uploading files or limit access to only a few people. During Q&A, the audience can raise questions without disturbing others. Sophisticated controls allow you to easily manage the Q&A session. Play recordings and sounds into the call. Upload a sound file or play a previously recorded call over the phone. Advanced controls allow you to play, pause, stop and skip forwardsand backwards. Customer care. Have any questions concerning your account, want to learn more about our features, or want more information before opening an account? all customer care at 1-877-877-1585. See a list of all calls billed to your account. Billing information is available immediately after a call ends. Call details are just a click away. Receive monthly invoices via email. Invoices emailed monthly in easily printable PDF format. View the last 12 months invoices online at any time. Create recurring reservations. Easily create and manage reservations for recurring meetings. Multiple accounts can be billed to one invoice. Easily create, modify and delete subaccounts. Arrange subaccounts into groups to handle multiple departments within a company. Manage recorded calls. View, delete, and download all your conference call recordings from one place. Password protected account access. the password is encrypted when stored in our database. Not even Spiderphone personnel can view it. All user information SSL encrypted. All information passed between your browser and spiderphone is encrypted using 128-bit SSL. Only authorized users can join a call. Only people who have been given your code can join. You can use the web control page to verify a caller's identity and hang them up if not satisfied. Account usage email notifications. Reserving, changing or cancelling a call generates an email to the account holder. Uploaded files deleted within 24 hours. Uploaded files are only available during the call. After the call ends, files are inaccessible and get deleted within 24 hours. Need help on a call? Spiderphone specialists can: add participants, share presentations, give announcements, share files, manage recording, manage Q&A. Custom Branding. Your logos, Your colors, Your voice prompts. Higher volume customers can get a customized conferencing web site where the voice prompts, logos and colors are yours, and the functionality is all Spiderphone.com. Customer supplied toll-free. Point your own toll-free number to our conferencing equipment. You pay us only for conferencing minutes and not for long distance transport.