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  • Patent 6665392 - Associating data connections with conference call telephone

    What this Patent Means to You:
    This is the magic that ties your phone line to your browser, which identifies you and creates a level of security not found on other conferencing services.

    Patent Description:
    A conference call system receiving calls through a common carrier switch, where the conference call system includes a plurality of multi-port conference bridges, is operated by accepting a bridge having adequate port capacity and for each incoming call for the requested conference: establishing a first incoming connection segment from the carrier switch to the system; prompting the incoming caller for a conference access code; and, if the access code received in response to the prompt matches the conference access code, calling the target bridge through the carrier switch to establish an outgoing connection segment from the system to the carrier switch and a second incoming connection segment from the carrier switch to the target bridge; associating the second incoming connection segment with the incoming call; dropping the first incoming connection segment and the outgoing connection segment; and adding the incoming call to the conference on the target bridge.

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