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  • Patent 6628767 - Active talker display for web-based control of conference calls

    What this Patent Means to You:
    You can't help but grin the first time you see your name appear as the active speaker. This is the patent that guarantees that we are the only service that has this technology, and it makes all the difference on large calls with new people.

    Patent Description:
    Participants of a conference call are permitted to see a continuously updated display on their own web browsers identifying the current speaker(s) on the conference call. In a telecommunications conferencing system which includes a conference bridge having a plurality of ports, voice connections are established between a plurality of conference participants and respective ports of the conference bridge, human readable visual labels are assigned individually to each of the participants and their respective ports, data connections are established between the conference bridge and respective video monitors for at least some of the participants, respective visual labels for the active speakers are displayed at a fixed location on each of the video monitors, the ports being used by the currently active speakers are detected, and the displayed labels are continually updated according to detected ports as the currently active speakers change. Because visual speaker labels are displayed at fixed screen locations, each participant knows where to look at all times and any need to scroll through multiple screens of data is minimized.

    Full Patent Information

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