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  • Patent 6831971 - Fault-tolerant load balancing of conference call bridges

    What this Patent Means to You:
    Even though our service spans across many conferencing "bridges" that join you with your other participants, you only need a single phone number to get to us. All other services change phone numbers on you when they need to move your calls around, always resulting in confusion. That cannot happen on our service.

    Patent Description:
    A method operationally associates a participant's telephone connection to a conference call system with a data connection via the Internet world wide web from the participant's computer screen to the conference call system. The conference call system establishes voice connections between itself and multiple conference call participants. The method comprises the steps of (1) generating a unique temporary code when a data connection is established between the participant and the conference call system, (2) displaying the code over the data connection to the participant on that participant's computer screen, and (3) instructing the participant to enter the code over his telephone connection to the conference call system. Four respectively different scenarios based upon the same underlying method include web then dial-in, dial-in then web, dial-out then web, and web then dial-out.

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