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Spiderphone.com is the web-enhanced audio conferencing service that puts you in charge, and helps your business run faster, smoother and cheaper. We offer full-featured audio conferencing, augmented by optional web interfaces that allow you to monitor and control the conference yourself, plus share documents and presentations with your callers and collaborate through the web, all in real-time and all without any operator assistance or complicated downloads. Calls can be small interactive conferences, or large lecture-style events. It's up to you, because you're running the show!

Quality Audio Conferencing
The Spiderphone service can be used anytime by as many as 180 participants. Conference calls can be started on-demand or by making a reservation in advance on the web. Hosts may offer their US and Canadian participants both a direct-dial and toll-free dial-in access number. [Participants joining from outside the US and Canada access the call using the 212 direct-dial number.]

Web Features
During your Spiderphone conference, a secure conference web page provides access to many unique and useful features including:

  • See who's on the call and who's talking
  • Mute, hold, or hang-up participants/noisy lines
  • Start and stop recording of a call
  • Play audio files into the conference
  • Call out to bring others into the conference, including adding tones for extensions and other electronic devices
  • A tool to manage Q&A sessions
In addition, you can invite all participants to the web to Share PowerPoint presentations, documents, and web pages.

Record Your Conference
All conference calls can be recorded for future playback. Calls including PowerPoint presentations are recorded with both the audio and visuals synchronized for playback over the web. Access to these recordings is controlled by the host, and the files are available for download, from the host's account. Recording of a call can be started either automatically, or manually. [Callers do not need Power Point installed on their computers to view Power Point presentations.]

Call Detail
Extensive detail for your call is stored afterwards and available to the host. Details include call day, time, duration, cost, and any recorded information. In addition, Spiderphone can include names, phone numbers, organization, and e-mail addresses, which are captured as each participant logs on via the web. If they do not join on the web, the info may be added by someone on the web during the call. Call detail is stored and accessible to the host for up to 12 months.

Your Host Account
Your account, which is password protected and accessible by only you, has permanent dial-in numbers and conference codes, thus eliminating the need for a different set of numbers for every conference. Of course, you have the option of unique conference codes if required.

Your account can also have an accounting code assigned to it to allow easy cost allocation of all your charges.

A Billing Code field is also available when making a reservation, allowing you to identify each call with a name or code. Online access to all of your account activities (Account Information; Reservations; Invoice/account activity; and Recordings) is available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, via the Internet.

Who Should Have a Host Account
Participants joining a conference call do not need a Spiderphone host account. Anyone who arranges conference calls should have their own account for security and accountability benefits. Sign up is easy: use your credit card to set it up at Spiderphone.com or contact us at Spiderphone Customer Care: 877-877-1585.

The Cost Effective Conference Solution
There are no minimums, upfront costs, monthly fees, or commitments to open and maintain your Spiderphone parent account and any number of sub-accounts. There are no expensive downloads or licenses required. In addition to our risk-free, "pay-as-you-go" pricing structure, we also offer demo and testing credits as you evaluate and/or begin using the service.

Want Extra Help? Moderator Assisted Calls
Spiderphone is designed to be entirely self-service, providing all of the tools needed to manage your conference calls. However, if you would like one of our specialists to moderate your call, they can handle many conference tasks such as dialing out to participants, managing the recording and audio controls, sharing presentations and documents, as well as managing your Q&A session. This on-call, live assistance is billed at $150.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.

Smarter Invoicing
Spiderphone lets you take control of your conference calls even after they're done, by providing clear and concise accountability information. Your Invoice is detailed by the call and summarized by each host account. Then it's rolled up to a single Invoice for the entire company and e-mailed to the parent account holder.

The Invoice can also summarize in more detail things such as Department/Location, Accounting Charge Codes as well as individual call Billing Codes.

You can view your account Invoice online in your account section of the website.

Easy Terms
Spiderphone offers two payment solutions:

  • Automatic Monthly Debit to a personal or corporate credit card
  • Direct Billing with payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, payable within the month received.
[Direct billing accounts have minimum usage requirements, after a 90 day start up period of approximately 1500 minutes or $300 per month.]

What Do I Need?
Spiderphone requires no downloads or special software when using the web features. All you need is a connection to the Internet, and a browser with Java and cookies enabled, with moderate security settings that allow you to view SSL pages. When sharing PowerPoint presentations, your callers do not need PowerPoint installed on their computers. To see if your browser is configured correctly, go to http://www.spiderphone.com/browsercheck

Security At Every Step
Spiderphone is committed to the security and privacy of your calls and information, at every stage. SSL encryption protects user data during account set-up and conference calls. Account information, reservations, invoice/account activity and recordings are password protected and controlled by the host. Distribution of conference information is also controlled by the host. Enter and exit tones, participant list, and talker ID provides security during the call. Any files which are uploaded into a conference are swept from our servers daily. State-of-the-art back office processes and controls complete your security protection.

Personalized Website Customization
For higher volume users, Spiderphone offers a customized, customer-branded conferencing website, where the voice prompts, logos and colors are yours, and the functionality is all Spiderphone.

Support, Training & Conference Planning
Our customer care professionals are available to provide account set-up and management, features training, and planning assistance in support of all of your conferencing needs:Spiderphone Customer Care @ 877-877-1585.

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