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One Low Price For Web And Audio Conferencing

Spiderphone pricing reflects our commitment to make Web Enhanced Audio conferencing a simple, easy to use, and highly integrated experience. With other services, you make arrangements for the audio and web conferencing services separately, and pay for each part of the conference individually. Those multiple charges add up, but with Spiderphone one price covers everything!

Web control: no charge
Conference setup: no charge
Connection setup: no charge
Dial-in (212 number): 8 cents per minute per line
Dial-in (toll-free number): 12 cents per minute per line
Dial-out from conference: 12 cents per minute per line
PowerPoint Presentations: no charge
Conference recording: no charge
Recording playback (phone): same as "dial-in" charges
Recording playback (web): 10 cents per minute of content per access

Note: Volume discounts available.

Note: Only the account holder is charged, not the individual participants. Applicable taxes may also be included.

Note: We block most pay-per-call and 900-like numbers. However, any additional charges incurred by calls you make from the conference to these services will be charged back to your account. We do not allow dial-out to international numbers at this time.

As a registered Spiderphone customer, you get four services merged into one:

  • Your own personalized conferencing login
  • High quality audio conferencing
  • Optional Web-based visual call monitoring and control (see who is talking, line control, etc)
  • Optional Web-based collaboration tools (give presentations, share files, web tours, etc)

There are no separate charges for optional features: no presentation upload fees, no charges to make use of conference recording, no set-up costs or monthly licenses! Its free to sign up, and you pay only for what you use... one simple price that covers everything.

You can establish your Spiderphone account immediately, and we will bill to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card. Or contact us, and we can setup your account to invoice your business monthly. Charge details are provided at the end of each call, and invoices are available on-line each month.

Corporate Plans Available

Many of our customers prefer to establish corporate accounts, under which several Spiderphone users can be managed together. These plans offer discounted pricing based on volume, user management and account tracking features, more detailed usage reporting, and monthly invoicing directly to your business. Please contact us to establish your Spiderphone corporate account.

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