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Our mission is to help people take control of their conference calls with a simple, secure, robust and economical service that integrates the best of the Internet and the telephone.

Spiderphone.com was founded in September 1998 by Pierre D. Wellner and a team of partners that bring extensive experience with large software development projects, distributed financial systems, user interface design, web site operations, computer telephony and conference call services. Pierre Wellner holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and comes from Xerox, Bell Labs, and AT&T.

Physical operations
The company has offices in New Jersey, New York City, and Washington, DC. Our core facilites are at sites in downtown Manhattan connected by SONET fiber rings where our telecommunications bridging, computer, and Internet equipment is located close to all the major telephone carriers and tier-one Internet backbone providers.

Investor relations
The company is closely-held and does not publish financial results at this time.

Spiderphone.com is looking for outstanding people to become key members of our growing team. We offer the opportunity to have major impact in a small Internet startup company that is taking on a huge, fast-growing, and profitable market. A number of positions are available for top-notch technical people and sales people.

Contact us
Send email to info@spiderphone.com
Call of fax (877) 877-1585

Spiderphone.com, Inc.
64 Beaver Street
Suite 416
New York, NY 10004
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